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We offer a one-stop-shop for international buyers in the UK, offering clients yield producing property and off-plan projects throughout the country. We develop syndicates for buying buildings, build investment portfolios, and assist in the renovation and management of the properties. In short, we provide full asset management for your property investment portfolio from initial contact to disposal.

As such, in order to maximize your success we suggest investing in one or more of the following models:


Residential properties that generate cash-flow from day one


Property for renovation and/or improvement (Flip) for immediate value increase and realization


Investing in our projects or in those managed by our key partners


Equity combined with interest-only financing to maximize profit on sale (at exit)


New studio apartments designed for students at significantly low prices


Apartments for short term and holiday rentals

Other complementary models:

  • Focusing on purchasing below market value - whether through an auction house, repossession, cash-only, leveraging the impact of Covid-19 crisis.

  • HMO - House of Multiple Occupation properties - residential properties designed for 3-5 separate tenants paying separately.

  • Investment below market value for less than 90 years of Leasehold properties.

  • Purchasing an existing portfolio of companies that are forced to sell cheaply.

  • Carehomes - high-risk with an expected high return.

Our strategy doesn’t focus on any one property sector or investment model. Indeed, each investor will have a style and strategy of their own. Some investors prefer more solid and easy properties with a good yield and steady growth rate, others are more adventurous and look for higher yield properties with more complex strategies. Our primary strategy is in building a balanced portfolio that is diversified, mixing a number of different modalities that match our investor’s goals and risk profiles. 


In designing investment strategies together with our investors, we work on all the pros and cons of each model and property, analysing the different expected outcomes and matching them to the desired level of risk, and hence the return. We put a special focus on whether the property’s focus will be on creating immediate cash flow or future capital growth, on development projects for long term income and growth, and on technical asset management going forward throughout the entire investment period.

Are you ready to invest? 

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