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BellaBertie Investments is a unique real estate investment advisory firm dedicated to the development of residential property portfolios in the United Kingdom. Our services include property acquisition and asset management, building carefully designed portfolios and delivering tailor-made investment strategies

Our firm offers a one-stop-shop for international investors looking to enter the British property market, providing yield producing properties and growth opportunities. With our proprietary research tools and our deep network of brokers, developers, and investors, we source the most attractive residential property deals for our investors.

We founded BellaBertie Investments with the desire to enact change in the way UK property assets are bought and managed for foreign investors. After seeing the marketplace as clients ourselves, we decided that there was a better and more streamlined way to invest.

Our team is made up of three seasoned entrepreneurs who have founded and operated businesses across the property, hospitality, art, and technology industries in five different countries. Our multifaceted experience best ensures that we are able to take on the property market both as insiders and as outsiders with a unique point of view. Property is not static and is heavily influenced by the local environment, liability, and urbanisation trends. We pride ourselves on being tapped into these streams, enabling us to best serve our investors’ needs. 

Why should you invest in the UK?

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