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The Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz is known for saying, “Diversification is the only free lunch in investing”


While we tend to follow certain models around how we strategize a Buy-to-Let (also known as Buy to Rent) purchase, we offer a wide range to our clients; from renovations and developments to flips, full portfolio purchases, multifamily, care homes, student accommodation, block purchases/title split, lease extensions, planning and/or change of use, quick sale opportunities, HMO, and serviced accommodation.



We encourage our investors to diversify the property profiles in which they invest to maximize returns and minimize risk. 

We always look to understand what our investors want to achieve and tailor a solution and strategy to suit their needs. Typically, our objective is to effectively and continuously grow a property portfolio for investors as opposed to making a one-off property purchase.

We design strategies to build a completely hands-off and tax-efficient property portfolio which produces significant cash flow. This is achieved over time, initially making use of surplus cash resources before considering the use of mortgage finance at a sensible Loan to Value (LTV) along with further cash injections as and when possible.

The primary focus is to achieve market-beating net rental profits. Capital gains are an equally important part of our strategy. This can be achieved via investing in properties in which we see a value-add proposition or via off-plan projects that are priced under market value. Currency fluctuations are especially important in today’s investment climate, especially for investors whose capital is held in a foreign currency.

Our main criteria when evaluating a property is the local rental demand. Our primary investment area is the North West of England, within 2-3 hours of the London Metropolitan Area. This is a substantial area with steady and reliable demand, an area where we are well-positioned to build and manage portfolios. Areas further afield are considered where the investment is significant and/or particularly attractive on various different levels. Liverpool and Manchester, in particular, are given strong consideration given the preference for high rental income, the potential for capital growth, and the availability of such opportunities there.

Our focus in 2020 will be building and managing property portfolios in this growing market, with additional rental and property management services being offered to our buyers via our carefully vetted local partners. 

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